Welcome to Kestrel

Kestrel is one of our two year 6 classes taught by Mrs Foster. Mrs Foster is also our Year 4, 5, 6 Phase Leader. Did you know Mrs Foster enjoys walking her dog Molly and being outside enjoying nature?


• As a school, we all read Where We Are when we came back in September and produced some great work – we baked and make concertina pictures! It was a really thought-provoking book which reminded us that even though we are all different, we are all in this together.

• We have done a monthly bleep test to assess and monitor how our fitness has come on. In PE we have been doing running, high intensity interval training (HIIT), hockey and rugby to boost our fitness. Great news - we’ve all made progress! Our circuit training sessions were a big hit and if you live near the school you may have heard our motivating music booming out!
• We smashed our class targets for 'ice cubes' and 'golden gems' which allowed us to have a pyjama and film party. It was great fun and we can't wait to see if we can hit our target again this term.

our learning


As part of our learning in Kestrel Class this term, we have:


· Participated in a fun topic learning about electricity. We have learnt about the structure of atoms and different types of circuits. This half term, we have carried out experiments testing the volts in circuits, conductors and insulators and we have created static electricity.

· Learnt about the circulatory system. Although this was a little tricky as we couldn’t see inside our bodies, we created fun ways to demonstrate what is happening inside our body. We even acted out the circulatory system, becoming red blood cells, white blood cells and major organs.

· Created many different genres of writing, demonstrating how we have developed into fine writers during our time at Little Paxton. Our writing has been inspired by our WW1 topic and has included stories set in the trenches, propaganda posters, persuasive speeches, poems inspired by ‘In Flanders field’ and newspaper reports explaining an event from our class text ‘War Horse’.

· Mastered some new complex concepts in Maths. We are now able to confidently use the BODMAS strategy to solve multi-step equations and we are confident with using fractions.

Our Big question

Year 6’s big question last term was, ‘WW1: was it really necessary?’ We have really enjoyed finding out about the cause and reason for WW1. IT was also interesting to see how our answer to the big question changed throughout the topic.

 Initially, we thought that it was not necessary because:

· War and fighting is not an effective way to solve disputes.

· It was very expensive.

· Many innocent men lost their lives for a war they didn’t want or start.

· Quotes from the children include,

“I know it was gruesome because all wars are.”

“The men died to keep us safe. I think only a few people would have died.”

“I’m confused about why it happened when war is awful. I’m curious to find out more.”

We then wondered:

· Did the war help to shape the world we know today?

· Did the soldiers give their lives for the greater good?

· Would we have learnt as much if WW1 didn’t happen?


We now know:

“Trenches were complicated and didn’t help, that’s why they didn’t use them in WW2.”

“Disease was the biggest killer in the trenches.”

“The war was necessary to help women get equal rights. They were allowed to work the same as men.”

“WW1 was not necessary as around 40 million people died.”

“It made things better. We developed better medicine and plastic surgery, the way we fight wars changed and the United Nations started.”

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