Year 1


Welcome to Lark

Lark is one of our two year 1 classes taught by Mrs Rider (Monday-Wednesday) and Mrs Fairbairn (Thursday-Friday). Did you know Mrs Rider is a zumba queen? Did you know Mrs Fairbairn has a beautiful singing voice?

things to celebrate

Children have settled well into the new Year 1  routine.

· We loved learning outside (in the nice weather) and made good use of all of our lovely outdoor areas in school. 

· Miss Rose completed her first term as an NQT! With the help of the amazing children and staff.

· We had a big focus on reading this term and it is of great pleasure to tell you that children are improving.

Our learning

We really enjoyed learning about different fairytales especially The Gingerbread Man where we were able to create our very own Gingerbread biscuit. Photo of gingerbread man

· We like doing lots of practical learning in groups and pairs.

· We enjoyed making Christingles and learning about what each part of it represents for Christians. We also enjoyed filming our Christmas play and finally able to do some singing!

· The children took part in a topic day about The Great Fire of London and became news reporters! Mrs Fairbairn especially enjoyed dressing up as a Londoner.

Our Big question


Was the Great Fire of London really great?

What we thought……….

· The question was asking us weather the Great Fire of London was big as great means big.

· Straight away we thought it was great because it was big.

· The fire was put out by Firemen.

· Lots of people died.


What we wondered……

· How many people died?

· How and where it started?

· How did the people escaped?

· How long did it last?

· How did we know about it if it happened long ago?


What we now know…………

· We think that it was great because it has given us the city we have today.

· Only 6 people died.

· Samuel Pepys was an eye witness and wrote a diary to tell us all about it.

· The River Thames is a very long river in London and helped people escape.


Things you need to know

PE Days

Monday and Tuesday

Home learning & Reading

Information about home learning

Special events

Pirate dress up day!

Big question

Would you like to sail the seas?