Welcome to Moorhen

Moorhen is one of our two year 4 classes taught by Miss Bullen. Did you know Miss Bullen’s favourite animal is an elephant?

THings to celebrate

· We all came back in September ready to learn and excited to get started. The children settled in quickly (and without fuss!) despite 6 months of commotion and amazed us with their ‘can do’ attitude.

· We survived a whole week of Isolation Remote Learning and came out the other side once again with positive attitudes and big smiles on our faces.

· We polished and perfected our performing arts skills and produced (in our opinion!), one of the best scenes in our Christmas Production. Who knew, sprouts really do have feelings too.

· We have had plenty to celebrate each week; Dojo Kings and Queens, Times Table Rock Star Champions and an Awesome Osprey to top it all off. We have had our work cut out for us every week, having to choose only one for each award.


our learning


Just to give you a flavour of our learning..…

· We have kept ourselves busy in Maths by learning all about number and place value, addition and subtraction, length and perimeter and had started to explore multiplication and division at the end of the term. The children have taken on challenge after challenge, continually surprising us with their eagerness to stretch themselves and extend their existing knowledge.

· This term, English has put our imaginations to the test. We started by looking at ‘Krindlekrax’, exploring repetitive language and how an author builds a character, which motivated some of the class to even create their own mini play scripts to perform. We developed our own character descriptions, building up a bank of fantastic vocabulary and finished the unit with a double spread non-chronological report on crocodiles. Our second text, ‘Escape from Pompeii’ inspired our own adventure stories set in Ancient Rome, which also linked nicely with our Topic work for the term.

· In Science, we investigated ‘Food and Digestion’. We had fun travelling through the digestive system, and even built our own models. Our diets should be full of healthy foods now, as we have learned all about nutrients and minerals and the food pyramid. Towards the end of the term, we explored food chains, and definitely discovered some interesting information about the circle of life!

· We have been mark making in Art, using a variety of mediums such as chalk, ink, charcoal and clay. We even used compasses to create ‘The Flower of Life’. Let’s just say our compass skills need some work! With all of the new guidelines in place, PE has been a barrel of laughs as we have needed to wrap up warm to tackle the elements outside. Our running stamina has improved as we have completed weekly cross country sessions and put our skills to the test during a ‘bleep’ test.

Our Big question

What we thought …

· There was a Roman called Julius Caesar

· They counted using Roman Numerals

· The Romans were soldiers


What we wondered ….

After introducing the topic to the children, they came up with a few questions. For example:

· Where did the Romans live?

· Where did the Romans come from?

· What did their houses look like?

· What did the Romans eat?

· What did the children play with?

What we now know…

· The first Roman settlement was in Rome, in Italy and then they conquered 

most of Europe.

· The way we live our lives today is influenced by changes the Romans made to society.

· The Romans introduced Christianity, well-built, straight roads, market squares, high-rise apartment buildings, central heating, new foods (cabbage, onion etc.), vanity and much, much more! We wrote newspaper articles all about the changes that the Romans bought to Britain after their invasion.

 To answer our BIG question… LOTS!

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Big question

Was Victoria the greatest sovereign?