Welcome to Moorhen

Moorhen is one of our two year 5 classes taught by Miss Bullen. Did you know Miss Bullen loves baking, listening to music and was a competitive Irish Dancer for over 13 years?

THings to celebrate

 There is so much to celebrate after a successful Autumn Term:
• We have kicked off the year with some incredible learning and are loving the motivated     and hard-working attitudes we are seeing.
• We thoroughly enjoyed learning about rainforests and now have an abundance of     knowledge that answers the BIG question, ‘Why should we protect rainforests and our world?’
• We finished the term by completing our first set of NFER Test papers with promising results all round. We hope to see lots of progress as we move into the Spring term!




our learning


Our Learning
• In Maths, we are currently learning about fractions. It’s not our favourite, but we are giving it a good go!
• In English, we are moving on from the Explorer to match our new topic, the Egyptians. We are looking at the book ‘The Egyptian Cinderella’ and linking it to our knowledge about Fairytales.
• We are leaving animals behind and moving onto learn about the properties of materials. We can’t wait to improve our investigation skills.
• The new BIG question is all about the Egyptians this term and so we look forward to learning about all the gory details (like brains coming out of nostrils apparently!)


Things you need to know

PE Days

Mondays and Wednesdays

Home learning & Reading

Home Learning will be handed out on Fridays and will be due in by the following Wednesday.
Reading records should come to school every day, but need to be handed in to be checked on a Monday. We are looking for at least 3 reads and an adult signature to confirm this.

Special events

School trips

Big question

Autumn Term-Why should we protect the rainforest and our world?

Spring Term- What was more sacred to the Egyptians – The Nile or their Gods?

Summer Term- Where would you boldly go?