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Nightingale is one of our two Reception classes taught by Miss Clayton. Did you know Miss Clayton is a very good cake baker?

things to celebrate

The Nightingales have had a very busy first term at school and they have shown incredible willingness to learn. I am so proud of each and every child in my class and they have all already learned so much! The children are becoming more and more independent every day and it has been lovely to see their confidence grow as they have become more settled. The children are very inquisitive and are so eager to learn. I have really enjoyed watching and engaging with the children in the provision and seeing how they interpret and adapt activities guiding their own learning by following their interests!

The children have become phonics whizzes and have learned all of their Phase 2 phonemes and have started to learn some of the Phase 3 phonemes. The children are now beginning to sound out and blend words using their phonics knowledge! Well done Nightingales!

The children have rehearsed and performed the amazing nativity at the end of term! The children worked really hard to practise the song and actions. The children enjoyed dressing up in their costumes and put on a brilliant performance on the stage in the hall! Well done Nightingales!

The children in Nightingales have learned how to listen to instructions carefully and are becoming much more independent in lots of ways. A lot of the children starting in September had spent a long time away from a nursery or preschool setting due to the circumstances of last year and I am sure (along with the grown-ups) they were feeling a little nervous at the start of term. Despite all of this, the children have had a truly amazing start to the year. They have taken everything on board learning expectations and routines quickly and getting stuck into their learning. The children have taken everything in their stride and have loved coming to school each and every day. I am really looking forward to seeing them become even more confident and learn even more in the Spring term.

Our learning

The children have learned lots about number in the last term. We have spent a lot of time looking at numbers 1-5 and they have become maths masters! We have really enjoyed learning about number, the Numberblocks videos have helped us to learn all about numbers and how they are made up. The children have worked really hard to recognise numbers and have even learned how to subitise numbers by using dice! We have really enjoyed playing lots of games with dice such as Snakes and Ladders. The children have spent a lot of time counting a range of objects to ensure they are counting accurately and have even had a go at writing some number sentences. Super work Nightingales!

The children have loved learning lots about different fairy tales and characters such as The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. We like to create storytelling circles where we all stand in a big circle, sprinkle some story telling dust and then step through the storytelling mirror. Once we are inside storytelling land we then use actions to re tell the story. I have loved seeing the children get into character and become animated when re telling these stories. I am looking forward to our next whole class story telling session!

In PSHE, the Nightingales have thought carefully about what it means to be kind to others. We have thought about how to be a good friend and have had some super discussions about what being a good friend might look like. One of my favourite activities this term was making a kindness web with the children. We started in a big circle and I held a ball of wool in my hands. I started the kindness web off by passing a strand of the wool to a child and saying something kind to them. In turn, each child passed a strand of the wool to somebody else in the circle whilst saying a compliment. In the end we had a huge web across the carpet full of kindness!

This term each child has started taking reading books home to share with their grown-ups. The children love taking their reading books home and it has been lovely to read such fantastic comments from grown-ups at home. The Nightingales have been working really hard to apply their phonics knowledge to help them to begin to sound out and blend words in their reading books. They have also had some fabulous discussion both at home and at school surrounding the books they are reading. This discussion and questioning aids their understanding of what they have read and is a vital step in the reading process. Well done Nightingales!

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Autumn Term- Super Heroes & Happily Ever After (Traditional Tales)

Spring Term- Space & Our Wonderful World

Summer Term- Dinosaurs/mini-beasts in Little Paxton & Animals and their Habitats