Welcome to Pigeon

Pigeon is one of our two year 5 classes taught by Mrs Embrey and Mrs Webb. Did you know Mrs Embrey has a full size cow head on the wall in her study? She is also the Little Paxton grammar queen! Did you know Mrs Webb has the loudest, and most distinctive laugh, on the staff team which can be heard from almost everywhere in the school building?



• As a school, we all read Where We Are when we came back in September and produced some great work – we baked and make concertina pictures! It was a really thought-provoking book which reminded us that even though we are all different, we are all in this together.

• We have done a monthly bleep test to assess and monitor how our fitness has come on. In PE we have been doing running, high intensity interval training (HIIT), hockey and rugby to boost our fitness. Great news - we’ve all made progress! Our circuit training sessions were a big hit and if you live near the school you may have heard our motivating music booming out!
• We smashed our class targets for 'ice cubes' and 'golden gems' which allowed us to have a pyjama and film party. It was great fun and we can't wait to see if we can hit our target again this term.

our learning

• English: We have read the Butterfly Lion and Pig Heart Boy as our class texts. We have written diary entries, character descriptions, newspaper reports and even a monologue!
• Maths: We have been working on getting all the key calculation skills in place. We are now super confident with all the formal processes for the four operations and even are able to ‘dig deeper’ to test ourselves with more abstract problems! Our maths highlight last term was being allowed to use whiteboard pen on our TABLES!! Not sure the cleaners were impressed!

• Science: We explored forces, and humans and animals life cycles in Science. We experimented to see which material would provide the most friction! There’s a reason we can’t skate around on carpet!

Our Big question

On our venture into the rainforest we have learned about where rainforests in the world are located. It became clear we needed to brush up on our map knowledge so we spent some time map labelling and using Google Earth. We learned about the different layer of the rainforest and the animal that reside there. Finally, we compared the Amazon to the UK’s Sherwood Forest.


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Big question

Why should we protect the rainforest and our world?