Year 1


Welcome to raven

Raven is one of our two year 1 classes taught by Mr Crabb. Mr Crabb is also our Year 1, 2, 3 Phase Leader. Did you know Mr Crabb supports Spurs, is VERY competitive and has the best snack drawer at Little Paxton?

things to celebrate

• Children have settled well into the new Year 1 routine.
• We loved learning outside (in the nice weather) and made good use of our amazing, new outside area (thank you LPSA).
• Miss Rose and Mr Crabb have loved getting to know the new Starlings and Ravens!
• We will have a big focus on reading this term so please keep reading at least 3 times a week at home!


Our learning

We really enjoyed learning about London and reading our first book together Katie in London.
• We like doing lots of practical learning in groups and pairs.

• We have enjoyed learning our new harvest songs ready for the harvest festival.
• In Maths we have been learning about Place Value
• In Science we are looking at everyday materials and the children have loved making songs about them. They have really loved becoming Scientific Investigators, Explorers and Detectives.
• The children have showed their creative side in Art, learning how to Tint and Shade and we have begun to look at Primary and Secondary colours.
• In PE we are developing our Fundamental PE skills and Ball skills and have loved getting outside and getting active.
We will be using a continuous provision approach for the Autumn term building on previous learning from Foundation.

Things you need to know

PE Days

Monday and Friday

Home learning & Reading

Information about home learning & your class novel

Special events

Big question

Autumn Term-Was the Great Fire of London really great?

Spring Term-Would you sail the seas?

Summer Term-Pineapple-growing in Paxton Nature Reserve-True or False?