Welcome to robin

Robin is one of our two year 6 classes taught by Ms R Jenkins and Mrs A Craven.

Mrs Jenkins is also our Year 4, 5, 6 Phase Leader and leader of Curriculum and Teaching. Did you know Ms Jenkins enjoys riding her horse and anything to do with Harry Potter? 

Did you know Mrs Craven is new to our school and very excited to join our team? She loves walking and is very musical.

Our latest Year 6 Newsletter

Rebekah Jenkins

Things to celebrate

Our awesome Year 6 children have really had a great first half term. They have made the team incredibly proud and really have been a joy to learn with. We have laughed a lot and had lots of fun settling into our new routines and getting to know each other. 
We’d like to celebrate the progress all of the children have made in their learning during the Autumn Term. It has been so good to see them really apply themselves and take on board feedback.
Our booster classes were a real success and we would like to thank the children who attended for working so hard. Some of the children came to 2 extra sessions a week. We celebrated their learning and progress with a hot chocolate after the last session. More sessions will be offered this term, there will be 6 sessions to attend, more information to follow.
All of the children were amazing when we went swimming. They were a real credit to you and to the school. They were very respectful and worked hard during their lessons. We had a great last week swimming in our pjs, learning some life saving skills and getting to go on the slide, as well as taking the time to celebrate the achievements of the children by assessing their swimming abilities.
We had a fantastic Christmas party on the last day: this included a Christmas quiz (can you remember how many bones a shark has) and some games. It was great to spend some quality time with the children.
What a brilliant first term AND we’ve got so much to look forward to in the Spring. Bikeability, Viking Day and Hilltop to name a few (and that’s just in January). We can’t wait!

our learning

In English we have loved reading War Horse and Archie’s War. The children’s writing has really improved as they are continuing to develop their year 6 writing skills. Highlights were the debates we had about whether women should be allowed to sign up to fight in the war effort, the children’s narrative writing from the point of view of Fredrich, their letter home from the trenches to name a few.
In Maths the children have been so resilient. They have remembered lots of knowledge from previous years and have been able to use this to access the year 6 curriculum. Their minds were blown by long division but we were so proud of how the children kept going and really understood this concept by the end of the week. The children have really enjoyed our maths code breaking activities where they have to solve various problems using their maths knowledge to crack the code. It has been great to see them working together.

The children loved our topic about WW1. We answered the questions ‘ WW1 was it really necessary?’ as part of our final week of term. The children were really thoughtful about their answers. We discussed about the things that came out of going to war which could be considered as positives, particularly the role of women and the choices they had to do particular jobs while the men were at war.
We are a very sporty group and really enjoyed our PE lessons. We have improved at cricket, Steve, our coach, was really impressed with the children’s skills and the progress they made. The children are now tag rugby experts as well and worked really hard in their rugby lessons. Finally, the children loved their swimming lessons, again they made super progress throughout the sessions and were a joy to be around.

Things you need to know

PE Days

Monday – outdoor PE – basketball with our PE coach

Friday – indoor PE – gymnastics

Home learning & Reading

Reading records need to be brought into school every Monday with at least 3 reads recorded in them. This can be the children writing about their reading or a comment from an adult who listens to them.  

Exciting Events

4th January 2022-Year 6 Bikeability

10th January 2022 – Viking Day

24th-28th January 2022-Hilltop Residential Trip

Big questions

Autumn Term- WW1- was it really necessary?

Spring Term- The Vikings Settle in St Neots- are they mad?

Summer Term – Would you want to take the weather with you?





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