Admission to our school

Our school serves the village of Little Paxton.

In common with all Cambridgeshire schools we have a policy of ‘Early Admission’. This means that we offer a place in our Foundation Class at the start of the academic year in which a child attains the age of five, despite the fact that parents are not legally obliged to send their children to school until the term after the fifth birthday is attained. We believe that it is beneficial for all children to begin their learning journey as soon as possible.

For the first couple of weeks of the Autumn Term we operate a staggered part-time entry for the Foundation stage so that the youngest children are admitted gradually and have time to settle properly.  This gradually builds up to full-time education.  We tailor the length and style of the induction to each individual child.
For a place in our Foundation Class in any September you will need to have applied to the Local Authority (LA) by mid January of that year, as places are allocated in April by them; this is the National Closing Date.  Depending on the number of applicants from within the village there may be places for children from further afield.  Requests for places are decided upon using clearly defined criteria, and places are offered by the Admission Team based in Cambridge.

Click Admissions Arrangements 2021 to view our admission oversubscription information.

There will normally be a meeting for parents and staff in May/June, once places have been centrally allocated, followed by several school time visits for the children, and a final meeting in July. We find that this structured introduction to school gives children and parents alike a gentle start to their new school career.


Moving from Nursery, Pre-school or Home to Little Paxton School

At Little Paxton Primary School we have close links with our feeder pre-schools and nurseries, of which we are very proud. Children are introduced to their new learning environment, their new teachers and part of the school routine before they start in September. Once we have the admissions information the Foundation and Key Stage One team begin visiting our feeder early-years settings. Our staff can get to know the children and begin a relationship. This also allows teachers and keyworkers to discuss the new intake. The children then have visits to our school where they have an opportunity to meet their new teacher and the other children who will be in their class, and to look round their new classroom. The children are usually very confident coming to school on their first day; this is as a result of good links between pre-school settings and the Foundation stage team.

Readiness for School

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that when children are commencing school they are dry as part of their school readiness. 

Health visitors are able to help prior to commencing school if anyone is struggling.  If you are concerned and feel it may be a physiological problem you should take your child to your GP.

If you need further support with this please contact our office.




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