Aims of our school

We believe our school is a place where our children can enjoy their learning in an atmosphere of happiness, security and confidence. The wellbeing of every member of our school community is of primary concern.

Only the BEst


  • to provide a broad, balanced, continuous and appropriate curriculum
  • to provide learning that is positive, fun and rooted in life experiences
  • to encourage children to develop enquiring minds with a willingness to ask questions and to think and act creatively
  • to ensure children are happy, secure, respected and valued as individuals
  • to instil the belief that everyone is of equal value and encourage children to be tolerant of and to celebrate cultural and other differences
  • to encourage children to have high expectations of themselves and high aspirations for the future
  • to encourage children to develop respect for themselves, for others and for their environment
  • to form effective partnerships with parents, governors and outside agencies and to make a contribution to the wider community.




Years Established

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Location: Gordon Road, Little Paxton, PE19 6NG

Telephone: 01480 375600


School Hours: M-F: 8:50am - 3:15pm

School Office open: M-F: 8.15am - 4pm