Every aspect of the life and conduct of our school is overseen by the Governors.

Our purpose

The main aim of Little Paxton Primary School (like all schools) is to raise the educational achievements of all children, ensuring all pupils make good progress from their starting points. The Governing Body is committed to providing a good education for local children at the village primary school.  Legally the Governing Body is required to support and challenge the school by:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Head Teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

In addition, governors are responsible for ensuring that the school fulfils its statutory duties.

LPPS Instrument of Government 

Although the publication of an Annual Report for Parents is no longer a statutory requirement we feel this is still a useful way for governors to communicate with parents.

Governors Report to Parents and Carers 2019 – 2020

How do we organise our work?

Full Governing Body meetings and meetings of Committees of the Governing Body are minuted by the Clerk to the Governing Body. The minutes of each meeting are reviewed and agreed at the following meeting. Agreed minutes will be posted on the school website as soon as is practicable.

Governor Meeting Minutes 

The agenda for each meeting is drawn up in advance and circulated at least one week prior to the meeting. Agendas for meetings are set by the Chair in consultation with the Clerk and the Head teacher. They follow an annual cycle of agreeing, then monitoring and evaluating the plans for school improvement. Agendas also include items that reflect local and national priorities and initiatives.

As well as attending formal meetings, the Governors spend much time in school, meeting and working with staff and children. Governors make regular visits to school to enable them to get to know more about how it operates and also to monitor aspects of the improvement plans that have been agreed.

Governors are always pleased and ready to talk to parents.  Governors can be contacted either through the school office or by contacting the Clerk, Gemma Pearce

Our meetings and committees

Much of our work is done through meetings of the Full Governing Body or in Committee. Each committee has particular responsibilities as set out in its Terms of Reference. The Chair of Governors and the Chair of the Committees are elected each year.

Governor Meeting Dates 2021-2022

Full Governing Body

Full Governing Body meetings are held once a month (except August). Currently Paul Warmington is the Chair and Richard Fairbairn is the Vice-Chair. The FGB is responsible for monitoring school performance. The FGB receives regular reports from the Head Teacher and discusses monitoring carried out by link governors.


Resources committee 

The Resources Committee has responsibilities for overseeing the premises, staffing and the effective use of funding. It meets 4 times a year. Currently Richard Fairbairn is the Chair.
A member of the committee will attend other meetings such as the school’s Health and Safety Committee and the regular termly meetings with the school’s Financial Adviser.

Statutory Committees

There are also some statutory committees (Salary, Performance Management, Appeals, Discipline, etc.) which meet as necessary.

Composition of Committees 2020-2021

Terms of Reference 2020


current membership of the governing body

Governors’ terms of office indicated in brackets.

The term of office of all Governors (other than the Head Teacher) is four years.

Local Authority Governor:

Mr Paul Warmington (04.12.20 – 03.12.24)

Parent Governors:

Mrs Anna-Sofia Conway (25.05.18 – 24.05.22)

Mr Timothy Gawler (15.11.19 – 14.11.23)

Mr Christopher Muwanguzi (29.11.18 – 28.11.22)

Mr Austin Willett (15.11.19 – 14.11.23)

Mr Ian Cunningham (27.11.20-26.11.24)

 Head Teacher:

Mrs Nickie Moore (01.09.18 –     )

Staff Governor:

Mrs Katie Delgado (01.07.19 – 30.06.23)

Co-opted Governors:

Mr Neil Donoghue (04.03.19 – 03.03.23)

Mr Richard Fairbairn (30.09.19 – 29.09.23)

Mr David Jones (03.12.18 – 02.12.22)

Mrs Victoria McAuley-Eccles  (01.09.19 – 31.08.23)

Mr Stephen Robinson (22.03.21 – 21.03.25)

Associate Members:

Mrs Rebekah Jenkins (28.09.20 – 27.09.24)

Mrs Gemma Manning (27.04.20-26.04.24)

Information about current Governors

Information about Governors 2020 – 2021

Information about Governors 2019 – 2020

governors with specific responsibility

Finance – Austin Willett

Safeguarding – David Jones

Pupil Premium – Christopher Muwanguzi

SEND – Ian Cunningham

Effectiveness of Leadership & Management – Paul Warmington

Curriculum/Quality of Education – Richard Fairbairn, Tim Gawler & Neil Donoghue

Maths – Anna-Sofia Conway

Governor Training – Tim Gawler

Also, Governors attend other meetings with, for example, the School Improvement Adviser or Local Authority Education Officers, or serve on  working groups for specific tasks as the need arises.




Years Established

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