School Meals

Our caterers are Aspens

We have an online booking system for all school meals.

Please go to

to book your childs meal. All meals must be ordered before 8am on the morning of the meal.

All Foundation and Key Stage 1 children are entitled to a paid school meal (at no cost to the parent). This is called Universal Infant Free School Meals.

You could be eligible for “Free School meals” Making your life easier!  To check if you are claiming an eligible benefit or to apply visit the county website at or call 01480 372307 or 01480 372308.

With effect from 1st November 2023 Key Stage 2 children’s meals will cost £2.53 per day (£12.65 per week) per child.  If a dinner has been booked but your Key Stage 2 child goes home poorly, after 10am on that day, then the meal unfortunately will still be charged to the parent/carer as the kitchen will have prepared it.  If your child is absent from school it is your responsibility to cancel any meals booked for those days direct to the kitchen. Please email:-

School meal payments

School meal payments can be made via our online ordering system.

All pupils need an individual code supplied by the office team.  Please contact the office for any queries.


Please be advised that we have a number of staff and children with severe nut allergies and we need to ensure that we protect them. 

Please do not send any nut products to school. This includes peanut butter, Nutella (hazelnut spread of any brand) and some muesli/snack bars. 

Playtime Snacks

We are signed up to the Health Promoting Schools Initiative. As part of this we have a healthy eating policy.  Sweets, biscuits and crisps are not allowed to be eaten at break-times.  A piece of fruit is quite acceptable as an alternative. We participate in the County Initiative of offering a free piece of fruit or vegetable each morning break for our Key Stage 1 and Foundation pupils. In addition to this our foundation children receive a drink of milk free each morning until they reach the age of 5 as part of the COOLMILK scheme. Should you want your foundation child to continue to receive milk after the age of 5 you can register here and pay for the milk

Packed Lunches

Children are also able to bring in a packed lunch but parents and carers should be aware that there is no cold storage facility. Please ensure that either iceblocks or suitable food is supplied.

Please ensure that there are no sweets in your child’s packed lunch box we try to promote healthy eating.




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