PE & Sports Premium


Little Paxton Primary uses the income from Sports Premium to endeavor to improve the provision of Physical Education and sport in our school. We aspire to spend every penny to impact significantly on the long-term quality of Physical Education in our school. 


  • We ensure the funding is ring-fenced for Physical Education and Sport
  • Decisions on spending impact directly on the quality of our Children’s received Physical Education.
  • We recognise that any investment in specialist teaching of children must be done in conjunction and collaboration with the classroom teacher to enhance the long-term impact of Physical Education here at Little Paxton Primary School.
  • To raise the levels of Pupil’s progress and attainment in Physical Education
  • Sports premium 20/21

Year 6 Swimming Cohort results 2020/2021

* Swim competently, confidently, and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres = 85% of pupils

* Use a range of strokes effectively = n/a

* Perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations = n/a                     Access to swimming restricted by lockdown & COVID




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