Youth Dreams Project Multi Skills Festival Report

Written by Mr Pool

Did you know Mr Pool has run a marathon? He also supports Cambridge United and is a keen fantasy football manager. Mr Pool is the Sports Lead at Little Paxton.


On Thursday, Miss Milner and a group of Year 1 students attended the Youth Dreams Project Multi Skills Festival at Middlefield Primary Academy.

The festival featured five stations with a variety of activities, including running races, long jump, and frisbee. The children from Little Paxton competed against their peers from Winhills Primary School and Middlefield Primary Academy. A highlight for Team Paxton was their outstanding performance in the running races, where they emerged victorious.

The children demonstrated remarkable resilience and a willingness to participate in every activity. Miss Milner was thoroughly impressed by their efforts and sportsmanship. They represented Little Paxton Primary School with great pride, and we are all extremely proud of their achievements.

Go Team Paxton!

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